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Who We Are

The Beginning of Our Journey

The Beginning of Our Journey

Since we first struck oil in Spindletop, Texas, USA in 1912, we’ve put our heart and soul into building a brand with a legacy worth remembering. We put our all into our products, ensuring that the Gulf trademark became synonymous with quality you can trust. We built partnerships that stood the test of time, making Gulf a staple in culture and performance, and we did it all with our proud customers in mind, allowing us to reach millions of customers around the world.

We know better than anyone that success doesn’t happen by chance, it was born from our unwavering passion and commitment. It’s at the heart of our relationships with our customers and partners, the countries we operate in, and the communities we serve.

Today, Gulf continues this legacy of innovation by constantly improving and expanding our product offering to keep up with technological advancements in the markets we serve.

Ever-evolving, never settling

When we talk about growth, we’re not only talking about expansion, we’re talking about evolution. We set out to make our mark on the world, with a presence in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, with staff operating all across the globe, all working together to achieve a common goal; to be an unstoppable force in our industry and to achieve it together.

We often say “Together, we’re unstoppable,” and to us, it isn’t simply a slogan. It’s our promise to our customers and the people we work with that we will never slow down when it comes to achieving our goals and helping them enrich their lives.

Our commitment to you

Our commitment to you

Every product we’ve produced, partnership we’ve built and commitment we’ve stood by has been done with you, our customers, in mind. Our purpose is to drive transformation and solutions through our unique heritage and values, going the extra mile to ensure that your pride and trust in Gulf never wavers. You are our priority and that is something that will never change.

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Hinduja Group

Gulf is a part of the Hinduja Group, one of the world’s largest and most diverse business conglomerates with presence across 38 countries.

The Hinduja Group is a family business that was founded over a hundred years ago by Shri PD Hinduja whose credo was "My duty (dharma) is to work so that I can give.“ with philanthropy being the core existential reason for doing business as against the conventional wisdom of making profits.

The group owns businesses in automotive, information technology, media, entertainment, and communications, banking and financial services, infrastructure project development, cybersecurity, oil and specialty chemicals, power, real estate, trading, and healthcare, with a workforce that is over 200,000 employees strong. The Group also supports charitable and philanthropic activities across the world through the Hinduja Foundation.​

The Hinduja Group acquired Gulf Oil International Ltd in 1984, and we have gone from strength to strength under their leadership, cementing the Gulf heritage and legacy whilst paving an innovative path into the future.​

About the Hinduja Group

Hinduja Logo

Gulf’s iconic cool

Our famed Gulf orange disc logo, which dates back to 1920, embodies the values on which the Gulf brand is built. Our logo has always been associated with dependability and authenticity and is a symbol of our dedication to providing first-class products. Over the years, the logo itself has been refined, but its core visual elements and the meaning remain the same. At every point in our brand’s history, whenever our customers see our logo, only one word should come to mind; iconic. And together, we are unstoppable.

Gulf’s iconic cool
India Operations

India Operations

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd (GOLIL), part of the Hinduja Group, is an established player in the Indian Lubricants Industry. Gulf Oil International (GOI), parent of GOLIL, owns the Gulf brand globally.

With operations primarily in the Automotive and Industrial segments, and a leading presence in the B2C market through a stellar distribution network, we partner with and supply directly to OEMs and other B2B customers – directly (Industries, Infrastructure, Mining & Fleet Customers, State Transport and Government Undertakings) and through a distributor network.

Export Operations:

Our endeavour to deliver the best-in-class customer-centric products help us stand out not just in the domestic market. Gulf Oil India exports to over 25+ countries across the globe, constituting ~5% of our annual turnover.

Gulf Oil: Our Brand in India

We are the Fastest Growing Lubricant Player by consistently outperforming the industry growth rate YOY. With 10% - 12% CAGR volume growth in the last decade, GOLIL has recorded 2x-3x times growth of the lube industry.

Gulf in India is the pioneer of the ‘long drain interval’ platform and has several industry firsts to its credit, helping us establish strong positions in the commercial vehicles sector (Diesel Engine Oil) and 2-Wheeler Motor Oil segments

Brand Gulf has grown from strength to strength from being one of the brands in the lubricant industry to one among the top 3 brands overall in 2015.​

Gulf’s robust business model is built on the pillars of investing and building our brand, leveraging our technology & value propositions that our products offer to the consumer and having a focused segment-wise approach for maximum growth.​

Hinduja Group

Gulf Oil India’s associations with OEMs

We have collaborated with many top OEMs and B2B businesses like Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, Swaraj, Bharat Benz, Bajaj, Force Motors, Piaggio, Tata Motors, Kia, Sonalika, Ford, Vespa, and others . These significant partnerships have helped us adapt and pioneer many go-to-market models in the automotive industry like co-brand oils, genuine oils and approved oils.

Apart from this, with our strategy to focus on key segments our dedicated IMF team brings focus on the key high growth sectors of Infrastructure, Mining, Fleet operations & Construction machinery. This has helped us partner with highly esteemed OEMs like L&T, Liugong, Doosan, Schwing Stetter, ACE and others.