The Gulf and ROFGO partnership — for the love of racing

A collection of timeless icons that will go down in history.

The ROFGO collection, curated by enthusiast and racer Roald Goethe with world renowned car dealer – the late Adrian Hamilton, is one of the world's finest car collections the world has ever seen. With a historic lineup of race cars, including a bespoke Gulf-themed collection, has become a favorite of motorsport fans across the globe.

The Gulf and ROFGO partnership was born out of our desire to protect our unique heritage. It is our way of providing racing fans with the opportunity to relive and experience Gulf’s vibrant and enduring racing legacy.

for the love of racing
ROFGO Gulf-themed car collection
ROFGO Gulf-themed car collection

The ROFGO Gulf-themed car collection

This is no ordinary collection, every vehicle is a piece of racing history eternalized under the Gulf colours. There’s a story behind every car and in each of those stories, you’re certain to find a tale of determination, endurance and an unrelenting love for racing.

Gulf’s glorious heritage in world-class endurance racing will remain forever etched in the minds and hearts of motorsports fans. The ROFGO Collection comprises some of the most evocative and successful race cars of all time covering categories such as endurance racing, Formula One, Indy cars and the no-holds-barred Can-Am series.

Gulf and ROFGO, Unstoppable and Better Together

ROFGO Gulf Heritage Cars: Actively Racing

While some may assume that the ROFGO Gulf Heritage Collection are mere showpieces that are taken out and admired once in a while at motor shows, this is far from the truth. The cars in the ROFGO Gulf Heritage Collection all work and are even race-ready.

For instance, the Collection’s Tyrrell 007 - 1975 races in the Monaco Historic Event and became the only F1 car to race in full Gulf livery in the 2018 edition. And the Gulf Mirage GR7 - 1974, a fan favourite, is a mainstay of Classic Endurance Racing and Le Mans Classic. You’ll see other ROFGO Gulf Heritage cars in various racing events, keeping the auto racing legacy of the Gulf livery very much alive.

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