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Driving performance is at the heart of everything we do. Gulf Oil has an extensive range of commercial oils and lubricants for a wide range of tractors, farm equipment and agri machinery. Our product portfolio spans everything from high-performance engine oils and driveline fluids to greases and coolants. Whatever your needs, we have the fluids to deliver.


Engine Oils

Engine Oils for Tractors and Farm Equipment

Farming and related activities require expensive andheavy-duty vehicles and agricultural machinery such asTractors, Field Cultivators, Seeders, Planters etc. Thesecomplex pieces of equipment have to perform intenseactivities under extreme conditions. As a result, they gothrough enormous wear and tear. We work continuouslyto deliver quality engine oils that improve the lifespan ofyour tractor and agri machinery, get optimum productivity and reduce unscheduled maintenance downtime.

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Driveline Fluid

Driveline Fluids for Farm Equipment​

The transmission and hydraulic systems in your tractors and farm equipment need to withstand high temperatures and provide maximum oxidation stability during extended service intervals. Gulf Oil’s advanced driveline fluids protect your machines against wear and tear and ensure high productivity.​

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Commercial Greases and Lubricants for Tractors and Farm Equipment

If your farm equipment breaks down the maintenance cost and the loss of productivity is a high price to pay. Gulf Oil’s range of greases and lubricants formulated with the right additives and viscosity modifiers protect your equipment, optimize performance and give longer life to your equipment. ​

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Other Fluids

Coolants for your tractors and agri-machinery

Our radiator coolants and antifreeze will keep your tractors running at optimum performance, whatever the climatic conditions or however heavy the usage is. They reduce the excess heat from the engine, optimize the engine’s operating temperature constantly and give longer life to your engine. ​

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Every Farmer’s best friend

Every Farmer’s best friend

At the heart of everything we do, and what sets us apart from other brands, is a desire to find solutions to the problems that our clients are facing. For years, we have worked hard to understand our clients' businesses, allowing us to provide products that meet and exceed their every need.

We meet with farmers on a regular basis to learn about their needs. Through these meetings, we’ve established grassroots programs and events aimed at these farmers, as well as original equipment manufacturers. As a result of these collaborations, we have developed high performance agricultural lubricants and spray oils to help farmers operate to the best of their ability.