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Gulf x McLaren AutomotiveA New Age of Technical Excellence

Gulf and McLaren share a desire for excellence while striving to be the best. In January 2021, we entered a new dawn in our collaboration with McLaren Automotive as we established a partnership with this famous British supercar manufacturer.

We developed Gulf Formula Elite specifically to deal with the demands of a supercar engine. Our Gulf Formula Elite lubricant was created in collaboration with McLaren Automotive to provide an oil that offers peak engine performance. Gulf Formula Elite 5W-40 is now the first fill lubricant all McLaren supercars are filled with when they come off the McLaren production line at the McLaren Production Centre in Woking, England.

Superior performance, ultimate protection and cutting-edge technology define our Gulf Formula Elite engine oil. Through our partnership with McLaren Automotive, we both strive for innovation and position ourselves at the forefront of engine oil technology.

Defining Luxury with Gulf Livery

McLaren supercars are the essence of luxury combined with unrivaled performance and we are delighted that McLaren supercars are now available in our much-loved Gulf livery, to order you must go through McLaren MSO. From McLaren’s unparalleled range to the numerous bespoke options that allow you to express your love for motorsport, including the hand painted Gulf livery. Owning a McLaren means joining an exclusive club. With an emphasis on attention to detail, consistency, and dedication to delivering the configuration to suit your vision, McLaren supercars are one of a kind.

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Superior Performance

Superior Performance

Gulf Formula Elite 5W-40 with its ThermoShield Technology maintains optimum temperature by helping to dissipate heat, actively prevents oil deterioration, and helps to provide enhanced wear and deposit control. It can offer up to 40% greater deposit control1, 37% less wear​​​​​​​2, and 90% better soot handling​​​​​​​3 that keeps the engine running like new, and helps to maintain peak performance for longer. Offering the ultimate protection for McLaren’s high performance V8 and V6 engines even in the most extreme conditions as well as meeting McLaren’s performance and efficiency demands.

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*Based on Gulf Formula Elite 5W-40 As per industry standard test 1) Seq. IIIH for API SP 2) OM646LA for ACEA C3 3) DV6C for ACEA C3. Consult the handbook for the recommended oil viscosity and specifications.

A Grand Prix For The History Books

To the future

Our decades-long connection with McLaren Racing has been defined by prosperity and triumph, and we have continued the innovation journey with McLaren Automotive with our first fill lubricant. Synonymous with excellence - together, we’re unstoppable.

Discover how supercars are designed, the iconic history of Gulf liveried cars and what it takes to become unstoppable.

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