Gulf Multi

Gulf Multi for hatchbacks on hot Indian roads​

Your compact hatchback needs the right care. It has weathered much of the hot and humid climate with you on our Indian roads. And over time this leads to wear and tear of your engine thereby increased maintenance costs.

That’s why you need Gulf Multi. A multi-grade engine oil for CNG, petrol or diesel-powered hatchbacks.​

Gulf Formula

Lower your maintenance costs

Gulf MULTI is specially engineered to withstand hot temperatures on Indian roads​

Gulf Multi range are superior technology engine oils designed for high temperature protection, minimizing deposits and sludge build-up, and reducing oil consumption. Its special anti-wear technology provides improved wear protection of cam and other engine components.

Gulf Multi Benefits

ThermoShield technology
40% Better Deposit Control
37% Less Wear
90% Better Soot Handling
  • Special anti-wear technology
  • High-temperature protection
  • Better deposit control and sludge build-up
  • Reduced oil consumption