Gulf Ultrasynth

Gulf Ultrasynthmade for the real world

Urbanisation is growing across the world at an exponential rate, with vehicles ruling the streets of our cities. But what does that mean for your vehicle? In such stop-and-go traffic conditions, your car is bound to encounter sudden stops and bursts of power. Such conditions put immense stress on lubricants and demand superior performance for efficient wear protection.

The solution for every city car

Fully synthetic engine oil for modern engines. Gulf Ultrasynth forms a protective layer on engine components to provide a smooth driving experience.

Gulf Ultrasynth is specifically designed to help combat the harmful effects of today’s driving conditions on your car's engine. How? It all comes down to its superior formulation. Thanks to a specially chosen blend of high-quality synthetic base oil and additives, Gulf Ultrasynth with its Wear-Guard Agents help quickly form a lubricated film over vital engine components. This protective layer ensures that critical engine parts remain lubricated at all times to help minimise harmful wear and achieve harmonised engine performance giving you a smooth drive experience.

The solution for every city car

Gulf Ultrasynth Benefits

Wear Guard Technology
22% Less Wear

Based on Gulf Ultrasynth GDI 5W-30
As per industry test Sequence IVB for API SP-RC

API SP (Resource Conserving), API SN Plus, ILSAC GF-6A