Driveline Fluids

Driveline Fluids​

We have a wide range of driveline fluids to satisfy even the most demanding applications. No matter the load, the climate, or the driving conditions; our range of transmission fluids with advanced additives, helps provide exceptionally smooth gear shifting, good rust and corrosion protection, uniform lubrication, superior frictional properties, excellent low-temperature fluidity and exceptional high-temperature performance.


Gear Oil

Undesirable friction causes excessive wear and eventual premature breakdown leading to higher maintenance costs. Keep your commercial vehicle’s gears well-oiled with Gulf’s advanced formulations to avoid wear and tear. Gulf commercial vehicle gear oils can increase the lifespan of the vehicle’s transmission system.

Axle Oil

Gulf’s Glide range of axle oils is designed with advanced multi-vehicle additive technology to ensure excellent thermo-oxidative stability, wear protection and resistance to chemical deterioration leading to a longer life. Our axle oils have low-viscosity formulation, exceptional low-temperature performance and are designed to serve a broad range of vehicles.

Power Steering Fluid

Hydraulic power steering systems need to be lubricated and kept in top condition. Gulf’s power steering fluids help protect the components of your power steering system by offering corrosion protection. Our specially formulated fluids come with excellent seal compatibility and reliable performance in your trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles. It offers improved wear protection and its high viscosity index ensures adequate lubrication at low as well as high operating temperatures thus ensuring smooth power transmission.