Gulf PowerTrac

Gulf PowerTrac made for more power

We all want our bikes to deliver power on demand, ride after ride, and we all know that a cleaner engine delivers that efficiently. ​

Not all engine oils are created equal. With engine temperatures reaching as high as 150°C, damage-causing engine deposits build up over time which can lead to loss of power and sluggish performance. That’s why we created Gulf PowerTrac, to ensure that you get freedom from this and get an amazing experience of power every time you go for a ride.​

Clean Engine, Maximum Power output

Maximum power for every ride. That’s what you get with Gulf PowerTrac.

As an avid biker you want to ensure you have a protected and cleaner engine to achieve maximum power. To get that you need to choose an effective motorcycle engine oil. Gulf PowerTrac, is a Synthetic Engine Oil, formulated with PowerROx Molecules that works continuously to fight against build-up of deposits in your bike’s engine.​

Gulf PowerTrac Benefits

Continuously fights

Continuously fights against a build-up of engine deposits

Contains a Powerful

Contains a Powerful Cleaning Agent

Reliable clutch performance

Reliable clutch performance