Pride Scooter

Insta Zoom for a Smoother Scooter Ride

City rides on a scooter, especially with severe stop-and-go driving conditions are not easy. Gulf Pride Scooter engine oil is blended with synthetic base stocks and advanced special additive technology to ensure a smoother ride even in these severe city conditions.​

Superior performance synthetic 4-stroke engine oil for scooters on Indian city roads

Scooter engines are compact and enclosed, they operate at higher temperatures and hence need specially designed oils as motorcycle oils may not provide adequate protection. The friction modifier used in Gulf Pride Scooter engine oil reduces engine friction leading to improved fuel economy. Gulf Pride Scooter is highly recommended for modern scooters fitted with automatic transmissions and a dry clutch.

Gulf Pride Scooter Benefits

On-Demand Acceleration

Reduced friction for better fuel economy

Reduced Sludge Build-up

Special formula keeps engine parts cleaner

Excellent Anti-Wear Properties

Excellent Anti-wear Properties