Gulf Zipp

​Gulf Zipp​​For air-cooled engines​

Indian roads are known to be bumpy. To keep your engine and gear components safe, healthy and at peak performance, you need an oil that gives you not just a trouble-free ride but a smooth and exhilarating one. You’ve got Zipp. ​

Zip down the road

With the smoothest riding experience​

Gulf Zipp 4T motorcycle oil is specially formulated for air cooled engines of motorcycles. The special additive formulation in Gulf Zipp 4T ensures protection to engine and gear components along with smooth clutch performance to provide trouble free operation.​

Gulf Zipp Benefits

On-Demand Acceleration

Superior clutch performance

Excellent Anti-Wear Properties

Improved engine and gear protection​

Reduced Sludge Build-up

Improved drivability with cleaner engine