Other Fluids

Other Fluids For Trucks and Buses


Brake Fluid

Entrust your safety to our high-performance brake fluids with performance additives which help protect the braking system and provide reliable performance. Our range of brake fluid products meets the requirements of both normal and extreme driving conditions and offers reliability and safety in all driving conditions.


Our range of coolants is specially designed for use in radiators of trucks, buses, LCVs, tractors, earth moving and construction equipment operating in moderate climate conditions.​


Gulf AdBlue® Ecopro is a premium quality automotive grade aqueous urea solution conforming to ISO 22241-1. It is specially developed for use in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) after treatment unit to reduce harmful NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) from diesel engines, meeting BS VI & BS IV emission standards Gulf AdBlue® MAX is automotive grade aqueous urea solution specifically developed for use in SCR after treatment unit for Ashok Leyland vehicles. It meets ISO 22241 specification and is recommended for optimum performance and longer life of SCR system thus ensuring smooth vehicle operation. ​